Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Entry #2

Fifteen words to describe my pitch. Creating a website displaying my leather craft in order to prove my capabilities outside of school. During today pitch, I could feel the pounding of my chest as everything under my ribs began to race like horses on a track. Palms began to sweat and eyes began to swing back and forth. I was nervous. I was giving the opinion to do almost what ever I wanted and I was afraid of failing. The logic behind my anxious was confusing even towards me. Was I afraid to talk in front of a class I had spoken to so many times before or was it that I cared. I cared about the pitch and I cared about how it reflex my character. The pitch today, helped me determine what I wanted to do was important to me.

Entry #1

Just like the title of this blog, I am stuck between multiple paths unable to chose one over the other mostly likely caused by my lack of passion. As for the twenty percent project, this might be the most important thing I do in school. More important then when I made that costume, more important then when I learned calculus, and more important then when I applied for colleges because for once I am forced to ask why. Why do I enjoy my hobbies or when I gave chosen a activity over another. Before this project, events in my life sort of just happen with me having no control over it and I had no motivation or will power to change any of it. It is apparent that I always desire a project like this one as I ask fellow students for their ideas and passion, for I am quite indecisive.