Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Entry #5

In the begin of the project I knew that my lack of confidence in my own taste would cause problems in the twenty percent project and it has. Not only my leather but it also effects tway I listen to music or talk about certain beliefs I have. It has cause me to not be able to quickly pick name for my company but also a logo. I had plan to be able to launch everything by tomorrow, but I now see if I don't some over my situation, launching the website might take much longer then I had anticipated. The picture above showed some attempt I made in creating logo drawn on the back of blue print of a trifold wallet I am designing. In order to fix my problem, I plan on meeting up with fellow colleges I feel that are artistly  talent in order to create a better more suited logo then the ones I have created.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Entry #4

The pictures above show two ( one finished and one unfinished) prototype of wallets that I might place on the website. The one on the left is the cuts blue vinyl, fake leather, wallet. While the one on the right is a mixed of a dyed black leather and a vegetable tanned leather. My problem so far with this project is to come up with a more sleek design to better fit in the back pockets. I will soon need to higher one of my classmate, possible one who is doing photograph for their 20% to take better photos of my goods. The website and the name, however has not received any progress since last week. My plan is to finish a website before next week, asking some colleges to help with the html coding and to come up with a logo. I am also going to start reaching out to more professional leather crafters  to give tips on how they develop their passion into a business. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Entry #3

Luxury Gifts For Men
A month in the project and I haven't been this excited about a project since my tinker costume. I have already looked at hosting domain and all that is left is to come up a title for the website.I also need to figure out a logo that will suit my title that I can stamp on my products. Obtaining a custom stamp or making one might be another project on its own luckily my dad is experienced in metal works. I want something that can represents my name so that it can really fell like something that belongs to me. Other companies like Hallow leather and Corter have great names and logos which show the quality of their products. The pitch has taught me a lot about the project. During the pitch I realized how important this was to me, how I wanted to have a good idea, and be able to do what I truly felt like doing.