Thursday, February 13, 2014

Entry #4

The pictures above show two ( one finished and one unfinished) prototype of wallets that I might place on the website. The one on the left is the cuts blue vinyl, fake leather, wallet. While the one on the right is a mixed of a dyed black leather and a vegetable tanned leather. My problem so far with this project is to come up with a more sleek design to better fit in the back pockets. I will soon need to higher one of my classmate, possible one who is doing photograph for their 20% to take better photos of my goods. The website and the name, however has not received any progress since last week. My plan is to finish a website before next week, asking some colleges to help with the html coding and to come up with a logo. I am also going to start reaching out to more professional leather crafters  to give tips on how they develop their passion into a business. 

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