Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Entry #9

In the past few weeks I have mainly worked on some craft items like belts, key chains and bracelet which roughly takes from ten to twenty minutes. Compare to other projects like wallets which can take up to three hours, I feel like I'm not contributing enough or devoting my time to do even bigger projects. Before the end of the twenty percent project I was hoping to eventually make a bag that might take an entire day to make, but at the moment my interest is very much lacking. I need to be able to be more consist in my work so that in the future I'll be able to do projects like this. And its just not only leather crafting I'm inconsistent with everything in my life. A huge reason I believe in my inconsistency, is that I don't trust my sense of taste. I feel like my judgement is to broad in not just leather but in food and my writing which explains why it takes me forever to finish anything. There is offed a lot of backtracking and unfinished prototypes that need to be done .

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Entry #7

For my update tomorrow I wanted to be able to bring in some products, but I haven't made that much! And the wallets and lanyards that I have made I have already given them away which is probably not the best from a business standpoint. There has been a lot of things that has been interrupting my progress for the past two weeks, but this shouldn't be a place to talk about it specifically and it shouldn't be consider as a excuse anyways. Still it is causing me to be less motivated in my project. Relating back to the update, I can show the current website I've design, but I'm not completely satisfy with it so maybe not. I don't want to disappoint tomorrow during my update. Even I feel like I haven't done enough and if I feel this way then how am I going to convince anyone that what I'm doing here is truly important to me and that's why for the past days I've deprived myself from sleep. WOOOO ALLNIGHTERS! sleep is for the weak.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Entry #6

Since my last blog, I was able to develop a logo and a name, but after checking 9 website making websites, in order to get your own URL or to avoid adds being placed onto your website , you must pay a monthly fee. The URL that are provided are ok but in order for me to be able to use this long term which is my plan, I must eventually invest into a server. I haven't done the research but I might have to look into how to make a server myself. More and more task are being added onto my 20% project when I really just want to start developing products to display on my website! My future plans are to finish everything non leather related by next Wednesday before the second pitch. These website, and, are two of the websites that are currently my top choices. they both provide simple editing software but I believe that may give free domains.