Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Entry #9

In the past few weeks I have mainly worked on some craft items like belts, key chains and bracelet which roughly takes from ten to twenty minutes. Compare to other projects like wallets which can take up to three hours, I feel like I'm not contributing enough or devoting my time to do even bigger projects. Before the end of the twenty percent project I was hoping to eventually make a bag that might take an entire day to make, but at the moment my interest is very much lacking. I need to be able to be more consist in my work so that in the future I'll be able to do projects like this. And its just not only leather crafting I'm inconsistent with everything in my life. A huge reason I believe in my inconsistency, is that I don't trust my sense of taste. I feel like my judgement is to broad in not just leather but in food and my writing which explains why it takes me forever to finish anything. There is offed a lot of backtracking and unfinished prototypes that need to be done .

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