Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Entry #7

For my update tomorrow I wanted to be able to bring in some products, but I haven't made that much! And the wallets and lanyards that I have made I have already given them away which is probably not the best from a business standpoint. There has been a lot of things that has been interrupting my progress for the past two weeks, but this shouldn't be a place to talk about it specifically and it shouldn't be consider as a excuse anyways. Still it is causing me to be less motivated in my project. Relating back to the update, I can show the current website I've design, but I'm not completely satisfy with it so maybe not. I don't want to disappoint tomorrow during my update. Even I feel like I haven't done enough and if I feel this way then how am I going to convince anyone that what I'm doing here is truly important to me and that's why for the past days I've deprived myself from sleep. WOOOO ALLNIGHTERS! sleep is for the weak.

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